Our Vision, Values and Strategic Plan.

Our Vision
An inclusive community that supports the development of engaged, capable and confident young learners.

Our Purpose
To provide an integrated family focused community centre where all children and educators have equitable opportunities to reach their full potential.

Our Values
We act with transparency, professionalism, and consistency. Our relationships are respectful and reciprocal and are built on trust, authenticity, and ethical interactions.
We acknowledge and respect that everyone has their own culture, beliefs, and strengths contributing to our rich and diverse community, creating a sense of belonging.
We work in partnership with all stakeholders to make decisions that are responsible and fair. We recognise and value the interconnectedness between our children, our families, our educators, and our integrated centre community.

Our Strategic Plan 2021-2023

1. Driven by customers

Provide an excellent care and education service

  • Provide exemplary educational practice based on a philosophy of continuous improvement
  • Achieve an overall exceeding rating in the National Quality Standards
  • Deliver an educational program that prioritises life long learning 
  • Provide affordable services
  • Be the #1 employer of choice (Pay, training, culture)

2. Support every family

Supporting the whole family through the provision of integrated services

  • Provide families with opportunities to be involved and contribute to service decision making
  • Understanding the needs of our community and provide the appropriate services in particular to vulnerable families and children with additional needs
  • Enhance our relationships with partner onsite services using multi-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary ways
  • Develop community relationships and seek opportunities to engage in local and wider community services

3. Championing sustainability practices 

Setting the benchmark for sustainability in EYC centres

  • Transform our practices to minimise our environmental footprint- cultural, social, financial, administrative
  • Teaching children to become environmental responsible and respectful. Sustainability education to be embedded within the curriculum and part of everyday
  • Partnering with sustainability focused organistaions and businesses to advocate for heightened community awareness
  • Replace paper-based processes with digital alternatives/methods

4. Review and Develop our Services

Determine the optimal use of BWFCC's resources in meeting current and future needs

  • Assess the desirability and feasibility of various potential enhancements to our programs
  • Identify and evaluate opportunity to share our knowledge, skills and resources across the City of Port Phillip and Early Childhood profession

5. Maintain high performance

Be a high performing, innovative and forward looking organisation

  • Building and nurturing technology competencies in our staff to drive efficiencies
  • Digitising processes to promote high and consistent levels of service
  • Enhancing financial reporting and robust forward planning to support organisational solvency while maintain value for money services