Terms & Conditions.

All groups and their members are asked to contribute in the following ways:

  • Nominate one group representative, provide their contact details to the Playgroup Coordinator and update the details when necessary.
  • Inform the Playgroup Coordinator of any changes to member or group details (eg. Session closing, numbers dropping, change of contact person’s details)
  • Be an open playgroup that welcomes new members when required.
  • Maintain the playgroup area and equipment in a clean, tidy, and safe manner and report any broken equipment to the Playgroup Coordinator.
  • Adhere to allocated session times, arriving and leaving as per your timing session.
  • Please ensure you allow enough time to pack everything away before the next group time commences.

BWFCC COVID Safe Plan as it relates to Playgroups

  • Playgroup families are advised not to attend playgroups if they or their children are unwell and to seek medical advice.
  • If it is deemed mandatory, all playgroup families’ and children’s temperatures are checked upon arrival to the service.
  • All playgroup families are required to sign in using the QR Code in the playgroup room each session.
  • Playgroups will run for the first 1 hour and 50 minutes of each timeslot. Each playgroup is required to finish 10 minutes early to allow for playgroup families to leave the space before the next playgroup families are due to arrive.
  • The last 20 minutes of each playgroup session is dedicated to cleaning of the space. This includes cleaning high touch surfaces such as tables and chairs, large outdoor settings such as climbing frames and slides and resources such as toys. It is the responsibility of all playgroup members to clean the space.
  • We ask that you bring your own baby toys for babies under the age of 12 months to limit shared, mouthed resources.
  • Cleaning supplies will be provided for playgroup members to participate in cleaning of the playgroup room after each session.
  • Each playgroup will run an indoor/outdoor program during each session allowing for increased air flow within the space. The door is to remain open when possible unless it is deemed unsafe for children to go outside.
  • With the current requirements for social distancing of each person needing 2m², the playgroup space is limited to 25 people inside and 36 people outside. Any children over the age of 12 months are included in this total. Following these requirements, we will limit registration and attendance to ensure we can safely accommodate everyone inside.
  • While these restrictions are in place, playgroup attendance will be limited to one adult per family.
  • It is the responsibility of all who attend playgroups to practice social distancing. 
  • It is the responsibility of the Playgroup Coordinator to ensure that the attendance requirements are being met and that no more than 25 people attend any one playgroup session.
  • If it is deemed mandatory to wear facemasks, all family members over the age of 12 will be required to wear a face mask during playgroup sessions. Children under the age of 12 are NOT required to wear a face covering at BWFCC.
  • The entrance to the playgroup room will be propped open for the first 10 minutes of playgroup or until all families have arrived with reception team member and/or Playgroup Coordinator monitoring visitors in and out of the building.
  • 34 hospital-grade air purifier units have been installed in each space across the service with one in the playgroup room. These air purifiers remove infectious aerosol particles in enclosed spaces.

 Please view the Playgroup Terms and Conditions by clicking on the link.