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Careers Opportunities


If you would like to be a part of a caring and respectful team that work together to ensure everyone feels appreciated, supported and included, please submit your CV on the Job Board below. You can also contact our Human Resources Coordinator at or call 96798400.

Why Should you Join the Bubup Team?

What is special about Bubup team?

Our team come from different backgrounds, cultures, and nationalities which creates a wide range of knowledge and skills, and we work harmoniously. We also have a gender-diverse workforce with around 4-5 male educators working across the service. We value where our team come from and their unique world views and use this to make our programs contextual and special for the children and families at Bubup. One way we do this is through our Diwali celebration each year, bringing a personal cultural touch to our educational programs.

We have a large team of early childhood professionals and acknowledge that everyone is at a different place in their professional journey. One of our philosophies is that we respect and value all educators and acknowledge their strengths, diversity, knowledge and skills. Many of our staff hold a Bachelor’s and Master’s and choose to work in a co-educator role to help them gain knowledge and experience before they move forward into a room leader role. In addition to our room leaders, we also have 3 experienced Educational Leaders and our Director of Education who support and mentor each team member through their professional journey as they gain
confidence in their skills and understanding as an early childhood professional.