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Our Philosophy and Rating

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is developed in collaboration with our children, educators, and families, which reflects and upholds our beliefs and values. It is our purpose to ensure that our curriculum, environments, and relationships enable children and educators to have equitable opportunities to grow and reach their potential.

In relation to children, we:

In relation to families and communities, we:

In relation to educators, we:

Our educational practices are guided by both the National and Victorian Early Years Curriculum Frameworks and the National Quality Standards.  

Throughout our organisation we embed the Victorian Child Safe Standards and the Early Childhood Australia Code of Ethics. 

We respectfully acknowledge the Bunurong people of the Kulin Nation as the Traditional Owners of the land upon which our service is located.  In paying respect to all Aboriginal community Elders, past and present, who have resided in the area and have been an integral part of its history, we acknowledge their proud and resilient cultures; ongoing connections to land, waters and sky.  

‘We thank the traditional owners,  

For letting us share their land.   

We promise to look after it,   

The animals, people and land.  

Hello Land, Hello Sky, Hello Me & Hello Friends’ 

As an integrated early learning community, we are in a unique position to celebrate and explore a diverse range of cultures including those of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples with our children, families, team members and the wider community. Our vision for reconciliation is to embrace Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and respectfully embed these into our daily practices in rich and meaningful ways.

To support our educators with respectfully embed aboriginal perspectives into the learning program, we utilise the below commitments to inform our practice:

Guidance and Knowledge from Elders:
We commit to partner with local representatives of the Traditional Custodians of the Land for cultural heritage advice and authentic implementation. We will actively reflect on our current level of cultural competence and through these partnerships we seek to extend our knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.
Care for Country
We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ strong spiritual and cultural connection to land, country, sea and water and we will foster opportunities to grow our understanding and participation in caring for country.
Presence in Learning Environment
We are committed to welcoming Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people into our service to work alongside our educators and children in the learning environment. Having an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander presence in the learning environment is vital when teaching about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures.
Critical Reflection
We are committed to reflecting on the progress made in the growth of knowledge and pride in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures and contributions in our early learning community. We will track our progress, continually revisit our commitments, and celebrate our achievements, while generating new ideas to develop and sustain our vision for reconciliation into the future.

‘As we grow, so will our vision and journey for reconciliation.’

Our Rating


In our assessment and rating visit in 2024 we achieved a rating of ‘Exceeding National Quality Standards’.