Our Educational Program

The educational program includes a variety of open-ended, play-based experiences that will encourage your child to explore, investigate, and engage in a rich learning environment. We understand that every child develops and learns in unique ways and has unique learning dispositions, strengths, abilities and interests. The learning environment has been designed to inspire curiosity and engage with the natural world, with a meaningful balance of child-led learning and intentional teaching. We value our community partnerships and the educational outcomes extra curricular experiences provide. These experiences are implemented across the service when there can be rich connection by children to content that is age and developmentally appropriate.

What a play based learning program looks like at Bubup:

Emerging Interests:

We balance intentional teaching with a child-led emergent curriculum, responding to current events in society and children’s lives, and using these topical experiences as the catalyst for learning and discovery.


We use songs in our program not only as a tool in intentional music and movement group times but throughout the day as a means of communication.

Big Body Movement:

We use songs in our program not only as a tool in intentional music and movement group times but throughout the day as a means of communication.


A focus on supporting children in building a respectful relationship with the natural environment around them aligns with our centre wide commitment to sustainability. Children actively engage in our sustainable practices throughout the day.

Indoor/Outdoor Program:

Our flexible environment which provides children access to indoor and outdoor spaces throughout the day allows children to regulate as they navigate the space and choose their learning experiences.

Flexible Routines:

We provide flexible routines for all children to support consistency and continuity between home and care as well as to allow for children’s choice.


Mealtimes are treated as a valuable learning experience. Through progressive mealtimes with small groups, we support children to develop a healthy relationship with food and use this time to nurture our child-educator and child-peer relationships.

Rest and Relaxation:

Access to sleeping mats and calm and relaxing spaces both inside and outside of each room supports children’s self-regulation and emotional wellbeing

Early Numeracy:

Through open ended learning experiences as well as through our daily routines, children can explore mathematical concepts such as volume, physics, sorting and classifying as they notice and discover the world around them.

Early Literacy:

We understand the importance of language development in the early years of literacy and we support this through having purposeful conversations, singing songs and reading age appropriate books.

Cultural Celebrations and Calendar Events:

Days of cultural, educational and environmental significance are acknowledged and celebrated in a manner that is respectful and inclusive of our diverse community, sustainable practices and our children’s varying ages and development. We apply a child centred lens to calendar events, ensuring that days of significance are led by children and driven by process rather than product.

All educators take an active role in developing, creating and documenting the educational program and children’s learning. The educational learning program of your child’s group is displayed in the learning environment and families are encouraged to contribute and share feedback.