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Frequently Asked Questions

How does EYP Orientation work? Do I need to stay on-site for the first day?
All families are required to have at least one orientation session prior to the child’s
first day. This is usually about an hour and you are required to stay on-site.
Is there is a difference between the educational programs provided in Early Years Program and Sessional Kindergarten?
There is no difference between the programs in the Early Years Program and Sessional
Kindergarten, other than the structure of the days. The educational component of both
programs is based on the Early Years Learning Framework and all of our children will
have their own learning portfolio. Programs are designed to suit the needs of the various
age groups. Programs are designed to suit the needs of the various groups and may differ
in play spaces and teaching as each teacher brings their individual philosophy and training
to their role.
Are half day fees available?

Unfortunately due to the high demand for childcare places we only offer full day fees.

Is the CCS applicable?
The Childcare Subsidy (CCS) can be applied to the services in Early Years Program as well as
our EYP Integrated Kindergarten program, along with our Holiday Program. However, they do
not apply to our Sessional Kindergarten programs.
If my child leaves part way through the sessional kindergarten term, is my fee refundable?
A term fee cannot be refunded if you leave part way through the term as enrolment has been
reserved for your child and it is unlikely we will be able to fill the vacancy. A term’s notice is
required in writing for cancellation of sessional kindergarten enrolment. The kindergarten
enrolment deposit is non-refundable and applied to term 1 fees.
What is the criteria for undertaking the 3 Year Old Sessional Kindergarten program?
We require children enrolling in 3 year old sessional kindergarten to be aged 3 by 30 April
in the year of commencement. They cannot be undertaking funded 3 year old kindergarten
at another service. Your child will not be able to commence in the program until they have
turned 3 to ensure our child to staff ratios are met.
What does kindergarten funding mean?
The Victorian Government provides funding to each kindergarten service to support children
to access a high quality kindergarten program delivered by a registered early childhood
teacher in the year before they start school. The funding is a contribution towards meeting
the running costs of the kindergarten program and is claimed by the service to keep the
term fee at an affordable cost for families. The term fee is the amount families are required to
pay. The Kindergarten Funding cannot be claimed by families nor allocated to families as an
account credit. Your child can only be funded for a kindergarten place at one service at any
one time and only for one year (unless your child is assessed as being eligible for a second
funded year by your child’s kindergarten teacher).
What is the criteria for undertaking the Funded 4 Year Old Kindergarten program?
In order for your child to be eligible for funded 4 year old kindergarten, they must turn
4 years old by 30th April in the year of enrolment. They cannot be undertaking funded
4 year old kindergarten at another service. Ideally, a child should enrol in this program
the year prior to starting school as an application is required to secure a funded place for
a second year of kindergarten. If you have questions about your child’s kindergarten and
school readiness, our kindergarten team are available to guide you.